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188 Grand St. New York, NY
or call us at
212 226 1207

We strongly encourage you to call us.
A brief phone conversation will give us a better idea of your needs and if we can help you with your project.


Our studio is based in NYC. We photograph architecture in the United States and around the world on assignments for architectural and interior design firms, publications and private clients.

We have been photographing architecture using the “digital darkroom” since the 1980s. This means that we know how to shoot images that will yield the best results in computer postproduction, paying particular attention to avoid creating images that look like renderings.

Our architectural photography is enriched by our other experiences. For Ruggero it is painting that he studied at Cooper Union and has honed his sense of composition. Valentina’s Master’s degree in History of Art ad Architecture from the University of Siena, Italy, gives her an understanding of space through an historical perspective.

As a result of our extensive traveling photographing architecture, we have built an archive of over 100,000 images from around the globe, represented by leading stock agencies Art Resource and Corbis.

We understand that our clients have to deal with many issues to have their project photographed (availability of the space, schedule conflicts, their clients’ priorities). Therefore, in every step of the process, we make a point of being extremely flexible and collaborative.

We address any obstacle that may arise prior or during the photoshoot as a challenge to be solved creatively, not by charging extra fees.

We streamline the photoshoot in a “light footprint” approach to avoid time consuming setups and disturbance to the owners of the space, working more efficiently and taking more views.

No matter how big or small the project we are called to capture, we love the ongoing challenge that it entices. Our goal is to take iconic pictures while keeping the process as smooth and effortless as possible for our clients and our client's clients.





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